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Heuglins {Photo: Petri Viljoen]
Heuglins Bed & Breakfast

The five cottages at Heuglins are privately situated in shaded garden settings, with views across the valley to the White River Golf Course and beyond.

Named after birds that nest on Winmarleigh Farm, the cottages were designed to complement the style of the main homestead, one of the first farmhouses in the area, built in 1920 of unbaked brick.

BarbetIbisSunbirdHoopoe and Wagtail each offer a large, luxurious bedroom and sitting area with under floor heating, a spacious bathroom with shower and bath, and a patio. There are many restaurants in White River and the surrounding area, ranging from reasonably priced family type restaurants to upmarket gourmet establishments.

The gardens of Winmarleigh Farm are a peaceful retreat for the weary traveller. Lush tropical wilderness intermingles with English roses and spring-blooming azaleas. Guests are welcome to explore – walking, bird watching, fishing on the dams or just relaxing in the serene environment White River has a temperate climate, and does not fall within the Malaria belt. Malaria prophylactics should not be a concern unless you plan to visit the Kruger National Park or areas further afield.

Heuglins on Winmarleigh Farm is only 5 minutes from the town of White River and Nelspruit, Mpumalanga's capital, is about 20 minutes away.

We look forward to receiving you as our guest at Heuglins on Winmarleigh Farm to relax, to wind down and to enjoy an area of great beauty and tranquillity.

Cuckoo Cottage (Photo: Petri Viljoen)
Heuglins Guest House bedroom (Photo: Petri Viljoen)
Heuglins Guest House (Photo: Petri Viljoen)
Heuglins Guest House (Photo: Petri Viljoen)
Heuglins Guest House garden (Photo: Petri Viljoen)
Cuckoo Cottage (Photo: Petri Viljoen)