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Heuglins [Photo: Petri Viljoen]
Heuglins Bed & Breakfast
Photo Album
Ayres Eagle (Photo: Petri Viljoen)   White-Browed Robin Chat or Heuglin's Robin (Photo: Petri Viljoen)
Immature Ayres Eagle  
White-Browed Robin Chat
(previously Heuglin's Robin)
All birds presented here were photographed in the gardens around Heuglins Guest House.
Spotted Eagle Owl [Photo: Petri Viljoen]   Yellow Weaver [Photo: Petri Viljoen]
Spotted Eagle Owl
Yellow Weaver
Yellow White-Eye [Photo: Petri Viljoen]   Blackeyed Bulbul [Photo: Petri Viljoen]
Yellow White-Eye
Blackeyed Bulbul
Photos © 2005-2017. Petri Viljoen