Our story

We have lived in White River since September 1978. During this time we have become part of a very special community. Our involvement in Rotary, Uplands School and the Church has introduced us to people from all walks of life and we can honestly say that we have wonderful friends.

Often early in the morning at our home in town, especially in spring, we would wake to the magnificent song of the Heuglins Robin. We determined then that if we ever named a home it would be called Heuglins. So, when John and Tishi Payne sold us Winmarleigh Farm in 1999 we had our name already … and the name was endorsed when we awoke on our first morning at Winmarleigh to the singing of the Heuglins Robin. But we also wanted to retain the name Winmarleigh. So Heuglins on Winmarleigh Farm it was!

The original farm house on Winmarleigh Farm, home to our daughter and her family
How did it get its name in the first place, we wondered. After a clue from former owner, John, we started searching through the atlas and eventually found a small village in Lancashire, England, called Winmarleigh. The story of Winmarleigh Farm was unearthed during research on the history of White River, its environs and the pioneers who set up home here for a book to commemorate the 75th anniversary of nearby Uplands Preparatory School. Read about the history of the Winmarleigh Farm in the information folders in the cottages

We designed the cottages to resemble the style of the original farmhouse where we live. They are named after birds that nest in our garden – Sunbird, Barbet, Hoopoe, Ibis, Wagtail and Cuckoo. There is a wealth of bird life on the property – come and add to the list, which is far from complete.

 We hope you will enjoy your stay in our cottages at Heuglins as much as we enjoy living on Winmarleigh Farm.

Brian & Frances Hyson